Basic skills plus safety for beginners and Improvers, update skills and refresher training for experienced operators - ARC and MIG Welding

Duration: 1 day 

Who is the Course For? Anyone who has little or no knowledge of electric arc welding and will be required to use arc welding equipment. 

Anyone who is required to use MIG welding equipment.

Instructor/Trainee Ratio: Max: 1:6 Machine / Learner:  1:2

ARC Welding Course Content: Check work area and equipment, Welding equipment and set up, Striking an arc, Weld runs on flat, Finishing a bead and restarting, Pad building, Square edge butt weld, Fillet weld

MIG Welding Course Content: What is metal inert welding and the scope of this technique, Principled – including function of ARC, Filler Wire and Gas Shield, Type of Gas Welding available and the advantage of different Gas mixes, Types and sizes of Filler Rods available, Operation of the set including correct setting of Gas Flow, Voltage, Wire Speed and Pulse and Non-Pulse Settings

Available Courses

A 1 day course in Faversham

MIG Welding

Available Dates
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A 4 day course in Location on
21st April - 22nd April