BASIS Foundation Award in Agriculture

Introduction to Agronomy, ICM and crop protection, Practical course covering crop stages throughout the calendar year

Who is this course for? For those with some or limited crop experience and knowledge and are not required to give agronomy or crop protection advice but require a level of understanding of crop agronomy appropriate for their work. This diverse group includes some farm staff, quality assurance officers, machinery manufacturer personnel and others.

Also a preliminary course for delegates who are considering undertaking the BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection (Agriculture or Vegetables) or those wishing to attain a nationally recognised qualification in agronomy.

Instructor/Trainee Ratio: Max: 1:12 Min 1:6

Course Content, Modules: Crop Production, Weeds, Pests, Diseases, Soil and Crop Nutrition, Plant protection chemicals and fertiliser products, Protecting people, animals and the environment, Application of plant protection products and fertilisers


Written paper consisting of 40 multiple choice questions and three structured

short answer questions.

30 BASIS CPD Points

Available Courses

A 5 day course in Hinxhill

Available Dates

A 5 day course in Maidstone

Available Dates
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BASIS Foundation Award in Agriculture

A 4 day course in Location on
21st April - 22nd April