Operator Agronomy Group

Disease, pest and weed control, soil management, crop nutrition, crop growth and developement

Duration: 4 - 5 meetings per season

Field walks organised throughout the growing season (8.30 –10.30 am) together with classroom
sessions over the winter period covering soil management, crop nutrition, growth and development of plants. Environmental, bio-diversity and cross-compliance issues.

Who is this course for? Spray operators and farm staff

Instructor/Trainee Ratio: Max: 1:12 Min 1:6

Course Content: Basic principles of weed, pest and diseases control
(Recognition, thresholds and control measures)
-Disease control
-Pest control
-Weed control
Cereal pests and diseases, Oilseed rape pests and diseases, Pea and bean pests and diseases, Soil management, Crop nutrition, Growth and development of the individual plant, Crop growth & development


Available Courses

A 1 day course in Mid Kent

Available Dates
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Operator Agronomy Group

A 4 day course in Location on
21st April - 22nd April